Studentship projects 2024

Applications for 2024 are now closed.  For examples of the kind of project we usually offer please see below.

OP2401 - Wai Lok Woo, UNN - Forecasting and Studying Ocean-induced Ice-Shelf Melt Rates using Machine Learning

OP2402 - David Swailes, NCL - Improved models for particulate dispersal by naturally occurring plumes

OP2403 - Adrian Jenkins, UNN - Autonomous Observations and Modelling of Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting to Reduce Uncertainty in Sea Level Projections  

OP2404 - Caspar Hewett, NCL - Solving the Leaky Barrier Conundrum: Nature Based Solutions to reduce flooding

OP2405 - Nick Cutler, NCL - Quantifying nutrient availability in a warming Arctic

OP2408 - Richard Dawson, NCL - Complex Risk Assessment for Urban Areas

OP2409 - Mike Rogerson, UNN - Unlocking the cave record of climate change in the northern Irish borderlands

OP2410 - Michael Lim, UNN - Building on unstable ground; developing effective solutions for infrastructure on permafrost

OP2411 - James Henstock, UNN - The Impact of Cellular Agriculture on Land Use and the Environment in the UK and Africa

OP2413 - Maxim Kapralov, NCL - Can we reverse climate change by changes in carbon capture enzymes

OP2414 - Heather Sugden, NCL - Future Seas; Intraspecific differences in the ecological and transcriptional stress responses of intertidal ecosystem engineers

OP2415 - Oliver Heidrich, NCL - Cities climate change strategies and natural resources

OP2416 - Bing Zhai, UNN - Machine Learning for Urban Climate; How to Cool Down Your City with Trees

OP2418 - Jordan Cuff, NCL - The impact of artificial light at night on optimal foraging, trophic networks and ecosystem services

 OP2419 - Seb Pitman, NCL - Storms & sea level: What’s the future for mixed sediment beaches?

OP2420 - David Pearce, UNN - Deep Antarctic Subglacial Lake Exploration; Diversity, Geochemistry and Ecology

OP2421 - Hannah Bloomfield, NCL - A new approach to support flood risk management with storylines

OP2422- Rachel Carr, NCL - GTIP; Quantifying tipping points in Greenland outlet glacier dynamics

OP2423 - Jichun Li, NCL - Modelling Atmospheric Chemicals for Climate Change Using Data-driven and Physics-informed Artificial Intelligence

OP2425 - Stuart Dunning, NCL - Debris flow risk; global assessment and local risk reduction

OP2426 - Chris Hackney, NCL - Geomorphological and ecological impacts of sand dams in sub-Saharan Africa under climate change

OP2427 - Darren Evans, NCL - Mitigating the impacts of artificial light at night on biodiversity and attractiveness to disease carrying insects

OP2428 - Yit Arn Teh, NCL - Combining Nature-based Solutions to Enhance Carbon Dioxide Removal

OP2430 - Sammie Buzzard, UNN - A slippery situation; modelling the impact of surface melt on Antarctic Ice Shelf stability

OP2432 - Angela Sherry, UNN - The role of the soil microbiome in carbon sequestration and capture in soils amended with mineral wastes

OP2433 - Alister Scott, UNN - Maximising outcomes for nature and people from Biodiversity Net Gain

OP2434 - Shannon Flynn, NCL - Role of wildfires in carbon sequestration; Determining the retention of recalcitrant pyrogenic carbon in soils after a wildfire

OP2435 - Rachel Gaulton, NCL - Identifying bunding restoration opportunities in peatlands using remote sensing, and modelling their hydrological and hydraulic impacts

OP2436 - Matthew Pound, UNN - Understanding the legacy of Cenozoic climates to better inform future forest conservation and management strategies

OP2438 - Louise Callard, NCL - Impacts of rapid proglacial lake formation on glacial and proglacial systems in SE Iceland

OP2441 - Michael Deary, UNN - The application of novel real-time sensors for high spatial resolution monitoring of aquatic pollution

OP2442 - Otti Croze, NCL - Environmental biophysics of microalgal migration in snow

OP2443 - David Greenwood, NCL - Climate change impacts on future hydrogen demand and availability

OP2445 - Iain MacArthur, UNN - Investigating Synthetic Textile and Plastic Biodegradation

OP2446 - Marco Fusi, NCL - Effects of climate change and contaminants on oxygen availability for marine biota

OP2447 - Bruna Lopes, NCL - Transformative Potential of Self-Healing Mechanisms for Carbon Sequestration in Geo-Infrastructures

OP2450 - Lucia Rodriguez-Freire - Where do contaminants go; tracking contaminant fate during extreme-weather event

 OP2453 - Joseph Graly, UNN - Glacial Impact on Earth’s Geochemical Cycling and Climate

OP2454 - Ronja Reese, UNN - The role of ocean-driven melting in future sea-level rise from the Antarctic Ice Sheet

OP2455 - Ben Horrocks, NCL - Electrochemical sensors for monitoring enhanced rock weathering systems

OP2456 - Shahab Dehghan, NCL - Rewiring energy infrastructure for net zero and climate resilience

OP2457 - Christopher Bull, UNN - Exploring ocean mechanisms driving melting of Antarctica’s ice shelves in a warming world

OP2458 - Sanem Acikalin, NCL - Role of turbidity currents in organic carbon transport to deep sea

OP2460 - Katherine Baldock, UNN - Grow or mow; managing urban grasslands for pollinator conservation and soil ecosystem services

OP2462 - Simon Maddock, NCL - Extinctions in Paradise; the impacts of climate change on endemic amphibians of the Seychelles Archipelago

 OP2463 - Matthew Crowe, NCL - Using data-driven methods to model upper ocean dynamics

OP2464 - Melody Sandells, UNN - Change in Arctic Habitat Suitability for Caribou

OP2467 - Talib Butt, UNN - The worsening impacts of Contaminated Lands-Soils due to Climate Change

OP2471 Kate Randall, UNN - Connecting the plots; a biodiversity and functionality assessment of urban allotments and their management

OP2472 - Craig Warren, UNN - Where is the permafrost; high-resolution 3D mapping of ground ice in the Canadian Arctic

OP2473 - Sean Wilkinson, NCL - Quantifying the impacts and consequences of future super-storm events

OP2474 - Hayley Fowler, NCL - Compounding extreme rainfall and heatwaves; how important are large scale dynamics in generating extreme floods