Each studentship award includes 3.5 years of fees (Home/EU), an annual living allowance (£15,285) and a Research Training Support Grant (for travel, consumables, as required).

Applications for September 2020 entry now closed.  


A list of available PhD projects are provided under the following:

  • CASE Award - These awards are suppoted by an industry partner and provide enhanced training opportunities by ensuring they spend between three and twelve months, in total, with their CASE partner in a workplace outside the academic environment
  • Non CASE Awards 

We also welcome new project proposals by applicants, based on the ONE Planet themes.

All PhD projects will be further defined and expanded by the students over the initial 6-month training period, which includes:

  • training in core modules
  • ongoing group mini-projects
  • co-development with partners/supervisors following discussions at the annual Residential Activity Centre (RAC) in October

All applications will be assessed based on the same criteria, mainly around the applicant’s track record (excellence) (see selection criteria).

Projects are developed around at least 2 of the 4 ONE Planet research themes.

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CASE Award Projects (Includes an industrial sponsor and placement opportunity)

Project Code Supervisor University Project 
OP20201 Andrew Baggaley NCL  CASE OP20201 - Resilient treescapes for a changing climate: a mathematical approach
OP20203 Marion Pfeifer, Peter Glaves NCL  CASE OP20203 - Multiple benefits and opportunities from tree planting in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania
OP20206 Yit Arn Teh NCL  CASE OP20206 - Barriers to tree re-establishment in logged tropical rainforests in Borneo
OP20212 Nick Rutter (CASE studentship with the UK Met Office) UNN  ‌CASE OP20212 - Improving UK Met Office predictions of Arctic Weather
OP20214 Li Zhang UNN  CASE OP20214 - Deep Sensing of Soil Signals from Sky
OP20218 Claire Walsh NCL  CASE OP20218 - Is the future of urban drainage systems blue-green or grey?
OP20222 Neil Boonham NCL  CASE OP20222 - The potential of endophyte application to manage the crop microbiome for climate resilient and Anthropocene-alligned farming
OP20227 Oliver Heidrich NCL  CASE OP20227 - CLIPI- Climate planning and implementations of infrastructures
OP20229 Wen Xiao NCL  CASE OP20229 - Integrating remote- and in-situ observations for improved glacial lake hazard monitoring and assessment
OP20230 Holly East UNN  CASE OP20230 - The development and evolution of Caribbean coral reef islands
OP20232 Nick Aldred NCL  CASE OP20232 - Biofouling invertebrates and their larvae as vectors of antimicrobial resistance and marine pathogens.
OP20233 David Werner NCL  CASE OP20233 - Robust protection of water resources in a changing climate
OP20235 Michael Deary UNN  CASE OP20235 - Qualitifying stocks and fluxes of organic carbon in the Atlantic saltmarshes of the Solway Firth and the threats posed by climatic change.
OP20237 Matt Westoby UNN  CASE OP20237 - Assessing glacial lake outburst flood hazard evolution under a changing climate
OP20239 Hayley Fowler NCL  CASE OP20239 - Improving flood risk management in small or flashy catchments under climate change
OP20240 Mike Lim UNN  CASE OP20240 - Coastal geohazard analyses and decision making tools for asset management
OP20241 Mike Lim UNN  CASE OP20241 - Wide scale monitoring of permafrost coast erosion
OP20242 Andy Suggitt UNN  CASE OP20242 - Where the wild things go: finding and creating refugia from climate change in the Wildwood of Border Country
OP20243 Mike Jeffries UNN  CASE OP20243 - Introducing the small blue butterfly into the Northumberland coast: opportunity and challenges at the Druridge Bay Living Landscape
OP20245 Stuart Dunning NCL  CASE OP20245 - Novel low-lost, wide area monitoring of landslides: precursors and event detection
OP20256 Jan De Rydt UNN  CASE OP20256 - Understanding iceberg calving in Antarctica
OP20259 Brian F. Thomas NCL  CASE OP20259 - Urban subsurface change driven by storm water management
OP20262 Stewart Franks UNN  CASE OP20262 - Extreme events and mechanisms of flood generation under climate change
OP20264 Jon Mills NCL  CASE OP20264 - Flood infrastructure characterisation by drone, satellite and geospatial informatics
OP20265 Jon Mills NCL  CASE OP20265 - Geospatial big data analytics for global water security
OP20273 Katherine Baldock UNN CASE OP20273 - Quantifying the importance of tree floral resources for pollinators in urban landscapes 
OP20279 Maarten Van Hardenbroek NCL  CASE OP20279 - Using eDNA and stable isotopes in lake sediment cores to inform wetland conservation by examining causes of decline of rare water bird species.
OP20284 Clare Fitzsimmons NCL  ‌CASE OP20284 - Drone and satellite remote sensing to support catchment scale detection, monitoring and control of invasive plant species.
OP20289 Aileen Mill NCL  CASE OP20289 - Risks to water security from invasive by non-native species
OP20294 Darren Evans NCL  CASE OP20294 - Understanding and mitigating the impacts of light pollution on nocturnal pollination processes in the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot
OP20304 Paul Quinn NCL  OP20304 - The effectiveness, science and transferability of large-scale natural drought management (NDM) in India.
OP20314 Matthew Pound UNN CASE OP20314 - SUPER: Sustainable Urban beekeeping – what role do honeybees play in urban Pollinator Ecosystems and Resilience.
OP20317 Rachel Gaulton NCL CASE OP20317 - Interventions to reduce the impact of climate change and other environmental stresses on oak health.
OP20247 Miranda Prendergast-Miller UNN CASE OP20247 - Microplastics in Soils: impact, detection and quantification
OP20295 Mark Goddard UNN CASE OP20295 - Quantifying the impact of artificial lawns on the structure and function of urban ecosystems


Non CASE Award Projects

Project Code Supervisor University Project
OP20202 David George NCL OP20202 - From plastics to protein: The potential of entomodigestion to process waste plastics into low-carbon, low emission protein 
OP20204 Chris Oates NCL  OP20204 - Data-Centric Management Strategies for Fish Ecology in Scotland
OP20207 Ross Stirling NCL  OP20207 - Developing novel geophysical tools to investigate urban plant-water processes
OP20209 Sebastian Breitenbach UNN  OP20209 - Interhemispheric circulation and moisture changes during the penultimate glacial-interglacial transition – insights from Indian and South Pacific stalagmites
OP202010 Vasile Ersek UNN OP202010 - Exploring human-climate interactions in the wider Caucasus region during the Mid-to-Late Holocene
OP202011 Vasile Ersek UNN  OP202011 - Climate of the past interglacials in Central Europe
OP202013 Nick Rutter UNN  OP202013 - Impact of Arctic tundra snowpack insulation on soil temperatures and carbon fluxes
OP202015 Richard Dawson NCL  OP202015 - Large scale modelling of flood risks
OP202016 Richard Dawson NCL  OP202016 - Real-time data to manage urban environmental risks
OP20217 Sean Wilkinson NCL  OP20217 - Quantifying the effects of climate change on Infrastructure Networks
OP202020 Claire Walsh NCL  OP202020 - Will fish cope with climate change? A conjunctive use approach for regulating stream temperature to maximise natural habitat survival rate during heatwaves.
OP202021 Joseph Graly UNN  OP202021 - Glacial Impacts on Global Chemical Cycling and Climate Feedbacks
OP202025 Adrian Jenkins UNN  OP202025 - Ocean circulation and ice shelf melting in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
OP202026 Bronwen Whitney UNN  OP202026 - Palaeoenvironmental investigation into the origin of the domesticated landscapes of southwestern Amazonia
OP202028 Neil Ross NCL  OP202028 - Antarchitecture: constraining East Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics with radarderived englacial stratigraphy and structure
OP202036 Davide Motta UNN  OP202036 - Sustainable Water Management in Water-Scarce Drylands
OP202038 Matt Westoby UNN  OP202038 - Reducing uncertainty in the glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) modelling cascade
OP202044 Stuart Dunning NCL  OP202044 - What comes before the slide and where does it all go? Pre-failure deformation and debris tracking of large slope failures using time-series remote sensing
OP202046 Geoffrey Abbott NCL  OP202046 - Effects of changing climate on a tropical peat in Brazil: greenhouse gas sink or source?
OP202050 Maarten van Hardenbroek NCL  OP202050 - Creating high-resolution records of Holocene climate change from the heart of Siberia
OP202054 G. Hilmar Gudmundsson UNN  OP202054 - Global warming and the future of ice caps
OP202055 G. Hilmar Gudmundsson UNN  ‌
OP202058 Jan De Rydt UNN  OP202058 - Modelling ice shelf collapse in Antarctica
OP202063 Alister Scott UNN  OP202063 - Mainstreaming green infrastructure: how to better use the green belt to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies in North East England
OP20266 Luke Smith NCL  OP20266 - Monitoring, forecasting and remediating sediment in estuary zones
OP20267 Toni Carruthers NCL  OP20267 - Quantifying absorbing and scattering properties of atmospheric aerosol using machine learning and deep learning algorithms
OP202070 David Pearce UNN  ‌OP202070 - The importance of microorganisms in cloud fomration (though ice nucleation) and its influence on albedo in the Arctic
OP202071 David Pearce UNN  OP202071 - The importance of microorganisms in the cycling of climate active gases
OP20272 Francisco Areal NCL  OP20272 - Predicting farm profitability under future climate and market uncertainty
OP20274 Nathan Forsythe NCL  ‌OP20274 - Developing multidecadal spatial timeseries of climate and land surface conditions over High Mountain Asia using remote sensing imagery
OP20276 Nathan Forsythe NCL  OP20276 - Simulating evolving snow proceses in the changing climate of High Mountain Asia
OP20277 Shannon Flynn NCL  OP20277 - Quantifying changes in the soil microbial community greenhouse gas emissions caused by pesticide use: Ferric phosphate, a case study
OP20278 Darren Smith UNN  OP20278 - Using machine learning based approaches to predict changes in microbial signatures that describe anthropogenic environmental change
OP20285 Geoff Abbott NCL  OP20285 - Assessing the extent of permafrost degradation in Western Siberia using geochemical markers.
OP20286 Hayley Fowler NCL  OP20286 - Causes of heavy precipitation in Europe
OP20288 Rachel Carr NCL  OP20288 - Evaluating time-varying hazard and risk from proglacial lakes in Lunana, Bhutan.
OP20291 Guenther Uher NCL  ‌OP20291 - Sunburnt organic matter: the role of photochemical dissolved inorganic carbon production in the marine carbon cycle
OP20292 Nigel Penna NCL  OP20292 - Ocean wave field and climate monitoring with a GNSS Wave Glider
OP20296 Elizabeth Lewis NCL  OP20296 - A new 3D hydrogeological dataset for the UK to drive projections of hydrological extremes under climate change
OP20297 Maria del Carmen Montero-Calasanz NCL  OP20297 - Integrated modelling to predict early signs of land degradation
OP20298 Elizabeth Lewis NCL  OP20298 - Developing probabilistic precipitation datasets for high mountain regions in a changing climate
OP20299 Marianne Haseloff UNN  OP20299 - Basal meltwater channels on ice shelves
OP20300 Marianne Haseloff UNN  OP20300 - Temporal oscillations of West Antarctic ice streams and implications for ice sheet deglaciation
OP20303 William Roberts UNN  OP20303 - Evolution of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly winds in past and future climates
OP20307 Ciarán Kelly UNN  OP20307 - Predicting the effects of increasing soil temperatures on beneficial plant symbionts and plant pathogens through Synthetic Biology.
OP20308 Matthew Perks NCL  OP20308 - Contemporary changes in fine sediment flux across Europe: Understanding the pressures, and apprasing catchment-based solutions for reducing delivery to fluvial systems
OP20313 Maxim Kapralov NCL  OP20313 - Unlocking historic collections to reveal plant adaptations to climate change
OP20315 Matthew Pound UNN  OP20315 - Dung fungi and DNA: recording the decline of reptiles on oceanic islands
OP20318 Ola Kwiecien UNN OP20318 - Reconstructing climate and ancient landscapes in the Maya Mountains, Belize, using tropical land snails 
OP20321 Cees van der Land NCL  OP20321 - The rocky road to recovery – The role of microbialites in coral reef recovery after abrupt environmental change
OP20205 Sebastian Breitenbach UNN OP20205 - Tracing interglacial climate and permafrost dynamics using speleothems from continental Eurasia
OP202060 Jon Telling NCL OP202060 - Impact of UV irradiation on glacier and ice sheet bioalbedo and ecosystem function
OP202061 Jon Telling NCL OP202061 - Glaciers and ice sheets: pressurized nutrient bioreactors for the oceans
OP20305 Miranda Prendergast-Miller UNN OP20305 - The role of soil ecology and microbiology in sustainable carbon capture (carbonate precipitation) within artificial soils incorporating industry wastes
OP20283 Zi Qian NCL OP20283 - Developing a methodology to measure and optimise the impacts of climate change on urban building environment
OP20309 Dilum Dissanayake NCL OP20309 - Designing Electric vehicle Commuter travel ENvironments for fuTure LifestYles (DECENTLY)

For further information or to discuss a project please contact the named project supervisor or email: