Diversifying our research community

‌Our aim is to attract and support a diverse community of Postgraduate researchers, that reflects today's UK society.‌

We believe everyone who is passionate about research within the Natural and Environmental Sciences, and wants to progress their research career to the next level, should be able to access further Postgraduate education opportunities. 

UK Minoritised ethnic groups - Ring-fenced award

Under our 2024/25 entry recruitment we have 1 ring-fenced award for candidates who identify as being from a UK minoritised ethnic group. This includes (but is not limited to) Black, Chinese, Asian, Arabic, or another non-white ethnicity. If you have any questions that aren't covered below please contact: oneplanet@ncl.ac.uk 

To be eligible for this ring-fenced award you must be a UK-Domiciled resident.

To apply please follow these steps:

  1. Select a project you are interested in on our Studentship projects 2024 page. We recommend that you contact the project supervisor to find out more and introduce yourself.
  2. Prepare your documents. Follow our How to apply guidance to find out what we require. If you would like any advice or support regarding the documentation we require please ask the project supervisor, on of our PGR mentors, or oneplanet@ncl.ac.uk directly. We are here to help.
  3. Please ensure that you identify as a UK Minoritised ethnic group when completing your application form - personal data fields. If you select 'prefer not to say' you will not be identified as being eligible for this ring-fenced award.
  4. After the closing date, the project supervisor will review your application and will complete our candidate assessment process. If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria for PhD entry you will be prioritised for interview. We aim to interview all UK MEG candidates.
  5. The ONE Planet DTP Directors will review all nominated applicants and a shortlisting outcome will be communicated to you. Those shortlisted will be invited to attend a panel interview (online).
  6. Following the interviews the top-ranked candidate will be made an offer against the ring-fenced award. 

International candidates are not eligible for this award. Please visit the How to apply pages to find out about our international funding awards allocation.

Diversity candidate scheme

We also encourage applications from diversity candidates who may fall into the three key areas below:   

  • UK graduates from low-income families, and/or are from the first generation in their family to go to university 
  • UK applicants who have caring responsibilities 
  • UK applicants who have a disability (physical, neurodiverse etc.) 

All above applicants are prioritised for interview. We recommend that you identify that you are a diversity candidate on your application form and when speaking to your selected project supervisor.

All of our PhD studentship awards are fully funded and include all fees, an annual tax-free living allowance and a Research project budget of £8,200.