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Matt Dopson

My names Matt, and my pronouns are He/Him.

I am originally from the Yorkshire dales and I started my academic career with an integrated 4 year masters course in mathematics at Warwick university. During my undergraduate degree I became especially interested in mathematical biology, and having always had a large interest in nature that lead me to pursue a PhD in mathematical ecology. The project I am working on focuses on trying to infer ecological networks from spatial and temporal data on abundances of species. Hopefully my project will be used to create better models of important ecosystems so we can learn how to better help them against human impact and climate change. So far I am only in the first couple of months of my project and have only been reading important papers and starting to create the code which I will use for the beginnings of my project. Newcastle is a city which I had visited multiple times before for its great nightlife and social activities, but now having lived here for a few month I have learned that it is also a truly great place to live.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about what it’s like to start a PhD, what the application process is or about what it’s like being a Maths student in ONE Planet!