Methods of Diagnosis for ASC in Adults


The aims of this study are to: survey adults on the autism spectrum, those seeking a diagnosis and relatives about their experience of diagnostic services. We will also survey UK professionals who diagnose adults with autism spectrum conditions, about current NHS diagnostic care pathways.

Using information from the surveys, and discussion groups, the study aims to investigate what people consider is the best way to assess and diagnose autism spectrum conditions across NHS services.

In addition, the study will carry out a review of the evidence underpinning measures currently used to diagnose autism spectrum conditions in adults. Through links with local and national clinical services, the best combinations of measures will be identified that are most effective for diagnosing ASCs in adults across the age and ability range.

Finally, during the study a new diagnostic interview will be developed and piloted for use to identify ASCs in adults in situations when there is little or no early developmental history available.

Who is involved in this study?

The Principal Investigator for this study is Dr Jeremy Parr

Jeremy Parr‌

Also involved in the project from the Neurodevelopment and Disability team are:

Sarah Wigham

  • Research Associate

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Methods of diagnosis for ASC in adults sits within the 'Lifecourse studies of neurodevelopmental disorders' and 'Clinical service development' themes.

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