Neurodevelopment and Disability

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The Neurodevelopment and Disability Team at Newcastle University includes clinicians and researchers who provide evidence about ways to improve the everyday lives of people with neurodevelopmental conditions, and their families. Our research focuses on a wide range of conditions, and people’s experiences across the lifecourse. We strongly value children, adults and relatives who work with us in designing our research, and those who participate.


Latest News

New guide to help autistic children cope with anxiety

Exploring Feelings: Anxiety Training Manual, A Guide For Group Leaders has just been published. This is a set of materials to be used by clinicians, educators and parents to help autistic children with high anxiety learn coping strategies.

Tyneside Pegboard Test

Tyneside Pegboard Test compares unimanual and bimanual dexterity across the age span.

Transition Research Programme Final Conference

Findings from the NIHR funded Transition Research Programme were presented at a final conference held at the Kings Fund, London in October.

New NHS treatment helps children with autism overcome situation specific phobias

The Newcastle Blue Room Treatment developed at Newcastle University is now available as an NHS therapy, with referrals accepted from across the UK.

Parent-focused therapy has some long-term benefits for children with autism

Research from the Neurodevelopment and Disability Team on parent-mediated communication therapy for young children with autism is the subject of an NIHR Signal.

Autism Diagnosis Taking Too Long

Researchers in the Neurodevelopment and Disability Team have published a study which found that the age of diagnosis has not decreased in a decade – still averaging 4-and-a-half years (55 months).