Leaflets and Measures

The measures below have been developed by researchers based in Newcastle and Durham Universities and their associates.  The measures are available freely for use in research and in work with families and children.

Please note the following conditions of use:

The measures, whether in English or translation, are copyrighted documents that may not be modified.  Paper versions may be downloaded and subsequently photocopied without charge by individuals or non-profit organisations provided they are not making any charge to families.

Coping with Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

Coping with Uncertainty in Uncertain Times (Easy Read version)

Tips for Managing Anxiety

Autism Quality of Life Measure

The Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire LAQ

Repetitive Behaviours Questionnaire

SOC Handbook

Viking Speech Scale

The Repetitive Behaviour Interaction Coding Scheme

Anxiety Scale for Children - ASD

Anxiety Scale for Autism-Adults (ASA-A)