Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort - UK


Very little research has been undertaken into the life experiences of adults and older people on the autism spectrum, and how these change with time. To address this significant research gap, in January 2015, we began a research programme about the life experiences of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives/carers. This research is undertaken in partnership with the autism community - adults on the autism spectrum are part of the research team

The adult and relative cohort studies collect information that can be used to inform policy, and develop support and services for adults on the autism spectrum and relatives

NHS Trusts and voluntary organisations across the UK are helping to recruit to the study. Participants join online on the study website ( or complete paper-based materials that we can provide.

Who is involved in this study?

The Principal Investigator for this study is Dr Jeremy Parr

Jeremy Parr‌

Also involved in the project from the Neurodevelopment and Disability team are:

‌‌Helen McConachie‌

  • Strategic Research Adviser
  • Professor of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology

Ann Le Couteur

  • Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Honorary Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Alex Petrou

  • Research Associate

Faye Wolstenhulme

  • Programme Administrator

Deborah Garland

  • ASD Family Support Manager


And from outside the team are:

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Twitter: @uk_asc                                    

Call Dr Alex Petrou: 0191 282 1380

Other research

ASC-UK sits within the 'Lifecourse studies of neurodevelopmental disorders' and the 'Clinical service development' research themes.

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