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Case Studies

Case study 1  - Land Use Change and Flood risk

Study of the effect of long-term land use change on flood risk (EA Project SC060092). As part of this work the Dunsop catchment in the forest of Bowland, UK (tributary of the Hodder/ribble) was selected. Preliminary SHETRAN simulations have been carried out for this site.

Case study 2  - Impact of forests on the catchment response for extreme rainfall events

This work is part of the EPIC FORCE project (research.ncl.ac.uk/epicforce/index.htm) focusing on impact of forest management on river basin response for extreme rainfall/snowmelt events. This case study looks at the La Reina (0.35 km2) catchment in Region 10, 41 degrees south, in Chile. This is an intensively monitored research catchment that was forested before the entire basin was logged in January 2001 and then replanted. 

Case study 3  - Wetland Inundation

Three-year study which addressed the issues of water availability for wetland restoration and re-creation.  One of the chosen study sites was Ellerton Ings on the River Derwent in Yorkshire.

Case Study 4 - Soil Moisture Profiles

Field and modelling study to investigate the possible range of water resource impacts associated with woodland on sandstone aquifers. The field site was the Clipstone forest, Nottinghamshire, UK

Case Study 5 - Climate Change in the Yangtze Basin

Shetran simulations of the Yangtze basin to just below the Three gorges Dam at Yichang. Simulations were carried out using the 78 latest CMIP5 scenarios with change factors calculated for the 2040-2070's compared to the 1980-2010's. Part of the Global Secure project (http://research.ncl.ac.uk/globalsecure/about/theme12ceg/)

Case Study 6 - 45 Years of Changes in Forest Hydrology at the Experimental Coalburn Catchment

Coalburn is the longest running forest research catchment in the UK and it provides a unique dataset for looking at the long-term affects of forestry on hydrology. Shetran Simulations were carried out from 1993 - 2010 using hourly measured data as part of the ForeStClim project (https://research.ncl.ac.uk/coalburn2020/)


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