Vellore Institute of technology

Sameer Manickam (ESR 5)

  • Date of Presentation: 14 December 2022
  • Location: Vellore Institute of technology, Vellore, India.
  • The Talk summary:

Here I presented to students of engineering college about Neuroscience- what it means and its current trends.

These students were from a non-technical background and this presentation was to motivate them about research particularly with neuroscience. I talked about my own journey in neuroscience, how from an engineering background I ended up following my interest to work with neuroscience.

I spoke in length about what neuroscience is and how it helps us researchers to still find unsolved mysteries of the brain. And at the end how with the use of different tools and technology we can help people in terms of healthcare and medical aid.

Last, few minutes of my talk were Q&A session where the students interacted with me asking questions about how research works in European countries. They wanted to know how industries and universities do research and at the end, what type of career choices they can make in the field of neuroscience.