Brain Awareness Week Campina Grande 2023

Viviane Tenorio (ESR 11)

Date: 13/03 – 16/03/2023 – 8 pm (Brazil time)

Place: Youtube (Link)

Name of the event: Brain Awareness Week Campina Grande 2023 –  

Title of your presentation: Optogenética - Muito mais que ligar e desligar neurônios (Optogenetics - Much more than switching neurons on and off) – Talk will be given in Portuguese but with non-technical language.

About the event: Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. Every March, participants host imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain, and the impact brain science has on our everyday lives.


Ivânia Trêpo (ESR 13)

Public talk on Brain Awareness Week 2023 – Campina Grande, Brazil.

Date: 15 March 2023.

Place: Brain Awareness Week Campina Grande Youtube Channel

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Title: “Entender as Brain-Computer Interfaces de modo breve e descomplicado”

(Understanding Brain-Computer Interfaces in a brief and simple way).

Summary: Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) are communication systems between the brain and an external device through neuronal signals. These signals are collected through electrodes (invasive or non-invasive) and transmitted to certain equipments. These technologies have the potential to improve the quality of life of people suffering from certain pathologies, allowing them to interact with the outside world, for example. They are,therefore, commonly used in medical and rehabilitation settings. However, other applications for them are on the horizon, such as the use of these technologies for other body areas, or even for human enhancement. BCIs have fomented not only public interest but also financial investment, leading to major technological developments in recent years.

Opinion article (Technology) for Women in Tech Community - Portugal to be published in

Forbes Portugal about Neuroengineering.

Date: date of publication to be defined.

Place: Forbes Portugal website (

Title: “Neuroengenharia: a tecnologia ao serviço do cérebro” (Neuroengineering: the technology at the service of the brain).

Description: Opinion article for the technology section briefly explaining what Neuroengineering is and its objectives; referring also to Neuralink as one of the companies bringing this field of study to public knowledge.