Viviane Tenorio (ESR 11)

Date: 14/03 – 6.30 pm (London time)

Place: Star & Shadow Cinema (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Name of the event: SciScreen (Link)

Title of your presentation: I will be a panellist at the event talking about neuroscience aspects present in the movie (The Matrix). After the film - a panel discussion with researchers and experts from Newcastle University on all things brain. We'll chat about movement neuroscience, virtual reality, and more real science explored in The Matrix.

About the event: SciScreen is a FREE year-round film festival presented by Newcastle University exploring science and health in film.


Mahyar Doost (ESR 12)

Place of the event:

Star & Shadow Cinema (Stepney Bank, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom)

Date: 14 of March 2023

Name of member of panel: Mahyar Doost, Viviane Tenorio, Tom Schofield, Ann Fitchett


The organizer of this event is going to screen Matrix movie. After the screening of movie is done, a panel comprising students or lecturers from neuroscience, art, culture, and etc. is going to answer questions of viewers about different dimensions of the movie.