International Bilingual School of Provence

  • Laura Lopez-Galdo (ESR1), Salvatore Giancani (ESR2), Georgios Bardanikas (ESR3), Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, Faculté de Médecine, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France
  • Date: Wednesday 08/03/2023 at 14.30
  • Place: International Bilingual School of Provence, 500 Route de Bouc-Bel-Air, Domaine des Pins, Aix en-Provence, 13080 LUYNES
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  • Title : “A journey to the science of the brain”
  • Abstract:

Our brain is an extraordinary organ that helps us sense our environment, plan responses and movements, perceive abstract ideas, store memories and recollect them in the future, make complex decisions and learn from mistakes. Despite numerous years of research on the field of Neuroscience thus far, little is known about the exact mechanisms that give rise and facilitate these functions. We are three doctoral students motivated to investigate and unravel some of these mysteries of the brain functions. In the framework of scientific reach-out, we organize this talk in order to introduce the science that fascinates us to young students, taking them on a journey of exploring the nature of the brain. We are going to provide a short historical overview of physiology and anatomy of the brain and present the methods that are used in order to record the neural activity from the macroscale to the microscale. We are also going to discuss the current trends in neuroscience research, the questions we are trying to address now and how they differ from what the scientific community was believing in the past, showing the constant advance of science. Finally, we will show some applications of fundamental science to real everyday life.