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New NFRG Article in Journal of Pathology

NFRG Researchers and Technical staff, in association with other members of Newcastle University and Hospitals staff, have just had a new article published in the December edition of the American Journal of Pathology, entitled:

Fibroblasts Promote Inflammation and Pain via Interleukin-1α–Induction of the Monocyte Chemoattractant CCL2


This new paper essentially reveals a new disease pathway in which scar-associated fibroblasts promote swelling and pain in joints. Plus it highlights molecular drivers of this process for which medicines are already available that could be repurposed to help relieve symptoms and potentially slow down disease progression.

NFRG staff involved ins this work are Hannah Paish, Nicolas Kalson, Alicia de Carpio Pons, David Deehan, Derek Mann and Lee Borthwick

To read the full article click HERE


Authors Jeremy Domis / Derek Mann

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