About our Lab

‌Globally, invasive species represent significant cultural, economic and environmental challenges which are continuing to expand with limited resources to tackle them. Applying novel technologies to wildlife management and welfare is a very challenging area requiring an interdisciplinary teams of researchers, operators, landowners and product developers. By accessing these talents and interests the Wildlife Technology Lab addresses complex needs, expectations and aspirations of those responsible for our countryside. Providing practical solutions based upon high quality research and sound engineering design the Wildlife Technology Lab helps support effective and sustainable control programmes in the countryside.

‎The red squirrel population in the UK has undergone massive declines over the last 50 years, mainly as a result of the introduction of the North American grey squirrel.  Declines have resulted from both direct competition (for food and resources, the grey squirrel often out-competing the red) and disease spread (squirrel pox, transmitted by grey squirrels but lethal only to red).