Wildlife Technology Lab

The Wildlife Technology Lab is a facility based in the School of Engineering, working on research and commercial projects relating to the development of wildlife monitoring prototypes and systems.

Since its inception in August 2014 on a joint research submission (with colleagues in Biology) to the Institute of Sustainability: 'Innovations in invasive species management - developing new method for species-specific capture', the lab has been involved in implementing unique engineering design solutions for the conservation of native animal species.

With the recent advent of low cost computing power, Internet of Things (IoT) and minaturisation of processor boards and sensors etc. the possibility of bespoke tailor made solutions have now become a reality.  Examples of developed low cost prototypes range from the design of a PIT tag monitoring system, remote squirrel weight/image measuring device, wireless animal trap monitoring eqipment. All developed prototypes undergo extensive field testing and functional development, as well as incorporating appropriate animal legislation before acception as a reliable product‌ suitable for use on a wildlife conservation project.

The main benefits of these bespoke prototypes typically relate to the following:

  • Provide savings in terms of human resource
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary animal capture
  • Provide previously un-obtainable animal data



The Wildlife Technology Lab is located in the School of Engineering.