German Primate Center DPZ

The DPZ (German Primate Center) is non-profit institute funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and its federal states. The DPZ's mission is to serve as a center of excellence for research with primates and as a sevice and competence center for those institutions in Germany and abroad that house primates and/or do primate-related research. 

The DPZ is organised in three sections (Infectious Pathology, Organismic Primate Biology and Neuroscience). The functions and services of the DPZ concentrate on biological research with primates comprising topics that may result in conclusions concerning human physiology, pathobiology and behaviour. Primate Husbandry is the central infrastructural unit with breeding colonies for Old and New World monkeys (1300 animals). The DPZ also runs field stations in Thailand, Madagascar, Peru and Senegal where research is focused on free-ranging primates in their natural habitats. Another key infrastructure is the MR-Imaging Center with two research scanners (3T and 9.3T), one for small and one for large animals. The DPZ is core member of the Gottingen Campus, a network of institutions in Gottingen that includes the University of Gottingen, University Medical Center, several Max-Planck Institutes, and the European Neuroscience Institute. 

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