Aix-Marseille University

Aix-Marseille University was created in 2012, resulting from the merger of the University of Provence, University of Mediterranean and Paul Cezanne University.  It has more than 78,000 students including 10,000 international students, 7,680 faculty and staff members, 2 doctoral schools and nearly 3,300 PhD students.

AMU is home to 132 reseach facilities.  It has undertaken the HRS4R labelling process since June 1st 2019 and is coordinator of the Eramsus + European University network 'CVIS' and is home to 2 (out of 5 France-wide) strategic 'Convergence Institutes': the 'Institute for Language Communication and the brain' (ILCB) and the 'Turing Center for Living Systems'(CENTURI), as well as to one excellence Research Graduate School (EUR) in neuroscience the 'NeuroSchool'.

The Institute de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT, CNRS & AMU) locatated at the La Timone Medical Campus is one of the largest French institutes for intergrative neurosciences, with mission to promote the high-level integrative and translational neuroscience research,  The INT is one of the largest European sites for research in NHP's with 10 permanent researchers using the NHP model (macaque and/or marmoset).  All teams have strong interactions with clinical Departments at the University Hospital La Timone. 

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