Qualitative SIG

Welcome to the Newcastle University Qualitative Special Interest Group (QualSIG)

The primary aim of the QualSIG is to offer students and academic researchers with an interest in qualitative research a supportive and positive environment to learn and collaborate. Our secondary aim is to promote the considerable qualitative expertise we have here at Newcastle University.


The QualSIG will offer its members:

An opportunity to learn and network: Qualitative research encapsulates a broad number of approaches and processes. Members will be able to share their expertise and learn from others through seminars, training events, and informal mentorship.

An opportunity to contribute and collaborate: In bringing together the diverse range of qualitative researchers we have at Newcastle University we will establish a pool of researchers who can be called upon for their qualitative expertise and support with teaching of qualitative methods and supervision on qualitative and mixed methods projects. Membership will also support collaboration on funding bids, outreach, engagement events, and writing projects.

A supportive environment: Qualitative research can be a challenging undertaking. We can experience frustrations with recruitment, challenging ethics applications, and methods conundrums. We also often listen to sensitive, difficult narratives throughout the course of data collection and analysis. Our SIG will be a place to seek support with all such issues.

An opportunity to showcase the qualitative expertise at Newcastle: There is a wealth of experience in qualitative research across Newcastle University. Our SIG offers the opportunity to put qualitative research at Newcastle on the map. Our online presence, an annual conference, pooling expertise on grant applications to generate funding are some of the steps we are taking to establish Newcastle University as a site of excellence in qualitative research.

Contact: QualSIG@newcastle.ac.uk

Dr Jo Lally

Dr Matt Breckons

Dr Laura McGowan (she/her)

Dr Beth Bareham (she/her)

  • SIG Committee Member; Social Media Lead

Dr Marie Poole

  • General Member

Jennifer Deane

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