Innovation, Methodology and Application

The Innovation, Methodology and Application (IMA) theme is a diverse theme within the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Our focus is a little different, we provide a platform for improving research across all areas, connecting the right people with cutting edge technology and expertise.

The primary focus of the IMA theme is Team Science, the idea of bringing together expert technologists with researchers to improve the quality of scientific work within the Faculty of Medical Sciences. In the IMA we strive to:   

  1. Elevate the status and impact of research in the area(s) specific to the IMA through a team science approach. 

  1. Increase the level of grant and commercial income to support IMA related research activities. 

  1. Increase and improve the quality of research-led teaching by giving time, expertise, content and projects to education programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

  1. Provide a nurturing and supportive environment for its membership.  Focusing in particular on parity of esteem, regardless of job family and to look at the issues around career development and retention for technologists and methodologists as a whole. 

Latest News and Events

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Welcome to the IMA!

Welcome to the IMA theme web page

"I am IMA" A new podcast from the IMA theme

The IMA theme is proud to introduce: I am IMA, a podcast aimed at IMA theme members to get to know their steering committee members and be kept upto date of news and events from the IMA theme