Fully Charged Show - Geothermal Energy

Dr Mark Ireland talks with Dr Helen Czerski who visited Newcastle Upon Tyne to see find out about deep geothermal energy and how disused coal mines can be used for supplying low-carbon heating.

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Net Zero Ambitions

Sending carbon back underground to meet Net Zero ambitions

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Nodal seismic survey completed at RAF Leeming

The world’s smallest and lightest nodal seismic imaging system is being deployed by Newcastle University at RAF Leeming.

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Mark Ireland and Rachel Brown in ECIU Insights

Mark Ireland and Rachel Brown have co-authored a piece with Dr. Jo Hopkins in The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit's Insights, "Fracking for energy security in the UK: 4 key considerations for government."

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New Job Alert: Research Assistant/Associate in Building Energy Performance

The Net Zero GeoRDIE team at Newcastle University is hiring. We're looking for an engineer to support our decarbonising heating and cooling research.

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UKUH Researchers' Article on Fracking in The Conversation

In response to rising gas prices and the debate on shale gas extraction in the UK, several members of the UKUH team have written an article in The Conversation.

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Newcastle University supports RAF’s pathway to Net Zero

With the help of Newcastle University, the Royal Air Force, the largest CO2 emitter in defence, has committed to achieving net-zero by 2040-ahead of the UK Government’s 2050 target.

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Mark Ireland to Speak at UK Geothermal Decarbonisation Summit

Lecturer Mark Ireland will speak at UK Geothermal Decarbonisation Summit in London July 06, 2022.

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Geothermal Energy: A Question of Ownership

Anna McClean discusses how heat is not currently properly recognized by the law as a resource that can be regulated. Continue reading for further information on decarbonization of heat and geothermal energy.

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Dr Robert Westaway

It is with sadness that we record the untimely death in August 2021 of Dr Robert Westaway, Senior Research Fellow at University of Glasgow.

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WING UK: Online Talks

Career Transition: From Oil and Gas to Geothermal - Join the online event Wednesday 29 September at 16:00 (BST)

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New Paper

Systematic spacing and topological variations in layer bound fault systems

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ENERGIES Exhibition explores how industrial change is affecting Blyth

A new exhibition will explore the reaction of the community of Blyth to changes in the industries based there -from carbon producing to carbon reducing.

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PIVOT2021 - the future of geothermal energy

From Monday, July 19 through to Friday, July 23 more than 165 experts and thought leaders from around the world will gather to debate and exchange ideas about the future of geothermal energy

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New Paper: Suitability of legacy subsurface data

The work, published in Frontiers in Earth Sciences, is a contribution from the UKUH Programme, and looks at how the coverage and quality of existing subsurface data may impact decision making for subsurface energy systems.

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Fieldwork grant of £2500

PhD researcher Gianluca Amicarelli in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, awarded a fieldwork grant.

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UKUH Open Call Funding Awarded

Newcastle University, together with University of Stirling, have been awarded funding through the UKUH Open Call.

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Net Zero GeoRDIE launch

On-line Launch Event - Took place on Wednesday 24 March

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PhD Studentship - (Sponsor EPSRC)

The geomicrobiology of hydrogen storage in geological materials

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EPSRC funded project

Harnessing the heat beneath our feet to transition to Net Zero Emissions

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NELEP Project

North East energy projects awarded Energy for Growth funding

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