Saimir Luli Viva Seminar

Congratulations Dr Saimir Luli!

On October 16th, Saimir Luli, PhD Student in NFRG, gave his VIVA seminar presenting the brilliant results of 4 years of research and now allowing him to be called Dr. Saimir Luli.

"A novel in vivo imaging methodology for monitoring hepatic fibrogenesis and inflammation"



Liver fibrosis is a complex process that is primarily driven by the Hepatic Myofibroblasts (HM). Although HM are the engine driving fibrosis, the fibrogenesis mechanism is a multi-cellular process that involves close interaction between various cells including immune cell. I have used in vivo fluorescent imaging to non-invasively monitor HM and immune cells in murine models of liver injury.

Author Jeremy Domis

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