Public Lecture by Prof Jelena Mann

Epigenetics Matters - A public lecture by Prof Jelena Mann

On the 11th of April, Prof Jelena Mann, will give a public lecture in the frame of Newcastle University's public engagement programme "Research and Innovation Matters" featuring events, workshop and meetings to involve and engage a wide audience in research and innovation.

Jointly with Prof John Mathers from the Institute for Ageing and Health, Prof Jelena Mann will give a talk entitled:

Your DNA is not your destiny - How epigenetics and environment shapes your life

The event will take place in the recently renewed event venue "The Boiler House" on King's road in the heart of Newcastle University.

The talk is opened to all members of the public and all the necessary information can be found on the flyer below. You can also use the following link to download the Pdf flyer: Epigenetics Matters Flyer


Author Jeremy Domis

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