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Jelena Mann Publishes in GUT

NFRG is very proud to announce that Prof Jelena Mann has just had a new article published in top ranking journal GUT, entitled:

Plasma cell-free DNA methylation: a liquid biomarker of hepatic fibrosis


Funded by the Marie Curie Fellowship scheme, the European Commission, the TUBITAK 2232 Fellowship, the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism and the Medical Research Council, this important validation study supports our original hypothesis that hypermethylation at the PPARγ gene promoter is a marker for fibrotic progression of chronic liver disease and holds true for viral, alcoholic and metabolic disease aetiologies.

As fibrosis in other organs does not generate a similar epigenetic signature, it is likely that the PPARγ hypermethylation specifically reflects a liver pathology. The ability to detect and quantify hypermethylation at the promoter of the PPARγ in ccfDNA as a new liquid biomarker that specifically reports the fibrotic progression of liver diseases of multiple aetiologies offers the potential for a cost-effective blood-based liquid biomarker of liver fibrosis.


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Author Jelena Mann / Jeremy Domis

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