Michel James Chairing ICM Research Seminar

Michelle James Chairing ICM seminar

On Wednesday, February 21st, Michelle James, Ph.D. Student at NFRG will chair the ICM Reseach Seminar taking place at Dental Lecture Theatre F, Medical School from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Full ICM Seminar Program:

  • Dr Allison Farnworth - Handle with Care. How do frontline NHS healthcare workers influence the quality of the services they deliver?: Frontline NHS staff have a crucial role to play in securing the quality of care in the NHS but there can be tensions between what they consider to be a good quality service and organizational definitions of quality. Using early pregnancy loss as an exemplar, this study uses social theory to explore the mechanisms by which frontline NHS staff influence quality of care on a day to day basis, and the implications this may have for system level improvements.
  • Chanachai Sae-Lee - Inhibition of DNMT isoform by dietary compounds using DNMT overexpressing cell line: DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) play an important role in DNA methylation. Currently, these enzymes have been targeted for cancer therapy. The aim is to investigate the effect of dietary compounds on inhibiting DNMT and to modulate DNA methylation level. I generated cell lines stably overexpressing 13 different DNMT isoforms and I will test dietary compounds to examine DNMT isoform-specific inhibitory effects.
  • Dr Rui Chen - NUDCD3 – A novel player in the pathomechanism of Omenn’s Syndrome and T-B-SCID: This research project illustrates a novel pathomechanism by which mutation in NUDCD3, a gene which has never previously been linked to lymphocyte development, leads to aberrant V(D)J recombination and, as a consequence, to the clinical phenotypes of Omenn Syndrome (OS) and T-B- Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (T-B- SCID).



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