Caroline Wilson PI Seminar 13/11

Dr Caroline Wilson talks in ICM PI seminar series

On Monday 13th November 2017, in the frame of the PI Seminar Series organised by the Insistitue of Cellular Medicine of Newcastle University, Dr Caroline Wilson gave a presentation on "Chronic inflammation and its role in liver disease and cancer" This seminar was chaired by Prof Fiona Oakley.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide and is one of the few cancers rising in number year on year. Despite this, treatment options are extremely limited and there is a poor understanding of the key drivers of HCC development. Chronic liver disease (CLD) irrespective of its etiology is associated with persistent hepatic damage, inflammation and wound healing. Approximately 90% of HCC develop in the context of chronic inflammation and cirrhosis (the end stage result of excessive wound repair). We have previously investigated the role of NF-κB which is a master regular of inflammation and cell death, in the development and progression of CLD and cancer. The NF-κB subunit p50 plays an important role in the control of hepatic inflammation and cancer development particularly in the recruitment of neutrophils. In this talk I will discuss how p50 homodimers contribute to immune homeostasis and the role of neutrophils as key drivers of HCC development. Furthermore, how we plan to understand more about their functional role in CLD and cancer with an ultimate goal of targeting these key inflammatory mediators for improved therapies.

Author Jeremy Domis
Source Caroline Wilson

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