We are a highly interactive group of researchers who focus on eukaryotic Cell Division Biology, but approach it from a different perspectives using a variety of techniques (including cell biology, structural biology, genetics, biochemistry, drug discovery, insights from patient care) and model systems (mammalian cells in culture, human and mouse oocytes, nematode worms, budding yeast and flies).

Owen Davies

Jane Endicott

Christine Harrison

Mary Herbert

  • Professor of Reproductive Biology
    Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 213 8213
  • Chromosome biology of oocytes and early embryos.
    Improving the treatment and understanding of infertility.
    Extending reproductive technologies to prevent transmission of disease.

Jonathan Higgins

Jun-yong Huang

Mark Levasseur

David Lydall

Suzanne Madgwick

Martin Noble

Josana Rodriguez Sanchez