Volume 10, 2013

Emotional intelligence and school leaders' ability with respect to the Saudi Arabian educational context - Ahmed Alghamdi

Causes of English spelling errors made by Thai foreign language learners - Darett Naruemon

Communities of practice in clinical education: Do we (need to) trust our leaders - Laura Delgaty

The influence of distributed leadership on teacher organizational commitment: Initial evidence from Vietnam - Ngoc Nguyen

Teaching reading skills: The suitability of compact disc (CD) and class teachers' mobile phones for lesson preparation - Olubusola Eshiet

What causes spelling errors of Thai EFL students? - Woralak Bancha

Literature Reviews

To what extent guessing the meaning, from the context, is helpful in teaching vocabulary - Ali Alsaawi

Critical thinking skills in adult learners - Caroline Gibby

Thinking skills frameworks to evaluate philosophical modules in higher education - Nhan Tran

Children's mapping of meaning onto new vocabulary in first language acquisition - Oudah Alenazi

Methods of evaluating users communication skills in synchronized online distance learning environment: A systematic literature review - Sahar Yaghmour

Interviews with Academics

The voice of forest nomads: Oral literature in Sarawak, an interview with Peter Sercombe - Hamza Alshenqeeti