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Study of Participation of Children with

Cerebral Palsy Living in Europe



Welcome to this site about a research study called SPARCLE which aimed to discover the best ways of promoting the quality of life and participation of children with cerebral palsy in Europe. SPARCLE stands for the Study of PARticipation of Children with cerebral palsy Living in Europe. 


The first part (SPARCLE 1) ran from 2004/2005. 818 children with cerebral palsy aged 8-12 years were visited at home.

The second part (SPARCLE 2) ran from 2009/2010 and the same children were visited when they were 13-17 years old.

"The individual is rarely going to be altered

 very much whereas the environment

slowly but surely can"

                                            Tom Shakespeare



The studies are now complete.  Here is an executive summary (.pdf)


All  published papers can be downloaded from the relevant tabs on this page. 


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This page was last updated on 8 August, 2018.