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Published Preparatory Papers


Please click on the links below to open or download the documents.  The published articles are copyright of the publisher;  single copies may be downloaded for personal use but they must not be downloaded for distribution or sale.

To download Acrobat reader for your pc click here

Protocol:  The SPARCLE 1 protocol was published in BioMed Central Public Health.  This sets out precisely what we planned to do and how we would analyse the data.  The purpose of publishing in advance of analysis was to avoid being accused of changing our analysis plan and hypotheses to fit the data.  Protocol (.pdf)

                    The SPARCLE 2 protocol is also published.  Protocol (.pdf)

Analysis of potential for bias:  We have published in BioMed Central Public Health an analysis of the potential for bias and how we will deal with this in our analysis. (Bias pdf)

National Contexts:  The work undertaken by Kay Tisdall, social scientist in Edinburgh, is complete. This sets out how the seven European countries vary at a national level with respect to factors such as anti-discrimination policy, education policy, transport policy, health service provision, social security benefits etc.  The report is in two volumes published at Newcastle University, the first set out by contextual factor, the second by country.Volume 1 by Contextual Factor (.pdf)                      Volume 2 by Country (.pdf)

Development of instrument to assess how families experience their environment:  This has been carefully developed and a number of papers report how this was done.

  • Literature Review published in Developmental medicine and Child Neurology.  (.pdf)
  • In depth qualitative interviews published in Pediatric Rehabilitation (pdf)
  • Focus Group study across Europe published in Child.  (.pdf)
  • Final paper describing the instrument published in Disability and Rehabilitation (.pdf)