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UK (Newcastle) - Co-ordinating Centre

Allan Colver     allan.colver@ncl.ac.uk



Sweden (Gothenburg)

Malin Carlsson malin.e.carlsson@vgregion.se

Eva Beckung    eva.beckung@vgregion.se



France (Toulouse)

Catherine Arnaud   carnaud@cict.fr



Denmark (Copenhagen)

Susan Michelsen   sim@si-folkesundhed.dk



France (Grenoble)

Jerome Fauconnier   jerome.fauconnier@imag.fr



Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Mark Linden    m.linden@qub.ac.uk



Ireland (Cork)

Alan Lyons  alyons@enableireland.ie



Italy (Viterbo)

Marco Marcelli   sdif.mt@asl.vt.it



Germany (Luebeck) 

Ute Thyen   thyen@paedia.ukl.mu-luebeck.de

Marion Rapp  marion.rapp@gmx.de