WG5a Transcription and Discourse Analysis

Transcription and discourse analysis

Transcriptions of videos of children’s interactions are currently underway. We will then work with parents and other translators to better understand the mix of languages, and translanguaged versions of languages, that these children naturally choose to use to communicate with each other to support their learning and to jointly construct knowledge.

We are exploring the use of Transana software to support this analysis. We plan to use discourse analysis with conventions as follows:

  • for English, write a transcription of what is said
  • for non-English languages, write a transliteration (as the translator hears it) in italics, then ask a translator to translate it into English to be written directly underneath in italics. For this translated text, use {{double curly brackets}} to show Roma language and use {single curly brackets} to show other home language, to show the mix of languages within this English translation
  • write comments, for example a translator’s note that it’s unclear what was said, in capitals in brackets (UNCLEAR SPEECH)
  • use [square brackets] to show simultaneous speech
  • use arrows above transcribed speech to show a rise or fall in intonation.