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Roma and Traveller communities in education

The following links are offered as key information about Roma and Traveller inclusion and education

European Commission’s Ten Basic Common Principles for Roma Inclusion

EU Framework for National Roma Integration strategies up to 2020 EAL Nexus Research on Roma Pupils: background information to understand the education needs of pupils from new migrant Roma communities Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service, Leeds.  Resources include good practice guide with varied examples from Leeds primary schools European academic network on Romani studies EU/UNICEF Roma Children Roma Education Fund: helping Roma organisations and local governments access EU funds for Roma education Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities UrbaRom European Observatory of policies toward groups referred to as Roma/Gypsies  Roma SOURCE: a European project to stop discrimination and improve understanding between Roma and mainstream communities. Travellers' Times Online directory of education and training services in the UK

Education projects with Roma and Traveller communities

Here are links to other projects working with Roma and Traveller communities in education. ROM-act: widening access to non-formal and informal learning validation systems among Roma and Traveller women in Europe Romani Linguistics and Romani Language Projects, University of Manchester ROMLEX Romani lexical database, University of Graz International Romani network to raise awareness of successful educational experiences EducaROM Inclusive Teaching Materials for Adults: The Roma EU project to train mediators to work with Roma communities and local authorities TernYpe International Roma Youth Network Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month (site archived by National Association of Teachers of Travellers and Other Professionals) University of Sussex research project to improve Roma community access to Higher Education Understanding Roma inclusion, University of York & University of Salford


Other relevant links include: UK National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum Finnish Roma information website