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ROMtels improves both how children learn and their sense of belonging.  This benefits children, families, and teachers as part of the whole school community, and the wider social community.  

ROMtels uses technology to support multilingual enquiry-based learning for groups of children. This is an approach known as translanguaging pedagogy. Our software helps teachers customise what children see and hear, so children can access the same information in multiple languages.  Children are encouraged to talk in a natural mix of their home language(s) and English to support their learning.  

ROMtels is an Erasmus+ project that began in 2014.  Project outputs will be delivered in 2017.

ROMtels’ translanguaging approach is a natural and innovative way to support high quality teaching and learning. Read more about translanguaging and our dual language approach...

In ROMtels enquiries children work in groups to discuss and solve problems. Find out more about enquiries...

‌Our first enquiries are with Arthur's Hill Federation of primary schools in Newcastle, focusing on Roma children and families. Read more about the communities we're working with...  

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