WG5 research tools

Research tools

ROMtels has developed frameworks to better understand how our technology-enhanced enquiry activities enable translanguaging and support children’s learning.  These frameworks have three strands:

  • process for identifying pupils' languages, to find out which language(s) children speak at home so we can embed the use of these languages in enquiry activities
  • analysis of recorded lesson transcripts, to understand: how children use the ROMtels technology; how their home language use helps their learning; any development over time in terms of improvements in the level of cognitive academic language used to solve the problems and in which language(s) this happens; any changes in children’s general level of enthusiasm/engagement with the activities
  • pupil and teacher attitude change survey, to understand teacher and pupil attitudes towards home language use for learning and language status.  For pupils only we will also seek to understand their engagement with and motivation for learning.  For teachers only we will also seek to understand their own ICT skills, and their perceptions of pupils’ engagement with and motivation for learning, and abilities. 

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