Cohort 1

Below is a list of our Cohort 1 researchers. Please click on their name to find out more.






Anna Whitford ​​

How will the persistence and intensity of precipitation events change in the future?​

Hayley Fowler​​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes ​


Caroline Taylor​

Are glacial lake hazards increasing in the Bhutan Himalaya?​

Rachel Carr  ​​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes ​


Chess Ridley ​

Predicting return on investment of biodiversity conservation measures​

Philip McGowan ​

Anthropocene, Environmental Informatics ​


Elizabeth Beauchamp​

Picking climate change winners for assisted gene flow interventions on coral reefs ​

John Bythell ​

Climate and Climate Change, Anthropocene​


Eylem Elma ​

Developing a suite of cost-effective remote sensing methods for habitat monitoring of Zostera sp. in Lindisfarne, Northumberland​

Clare Fitzsimmons​​

Anthropocene, Environmental Informatics ​

Natural England​

Grace Brown  ​​

Greenhouse Gas Cycling in Supraglacial Debris Covers​

Benjamin Brock ​​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes​


Holly Chubb 

Controls on the causes, dynamics and impacts of the catastrophic mass flows (aluviónes), northern Patagonia, Chile​

Andy Russell ​​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes​


Liam Lachs 

Scaling-up assisted evolution on coral reefs: an empirical modelling approach​

James Guest ​

Climate and Climate Change, Anthropocene​


Nicky Thompson 

From Greenhouse to Icehouse: Past changes in the southern hemisphere ​

Ulrich Salzmann ​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes​


Samuel Hartharn-Evans

Internal Solitary Waves in Ice-Covered Waters​

Magda Carr ​

Climate and Climate Change, Earth System Processes ​


Wasim Iqbal 

Modelling effects of climate change on photosynthetic enzymes to find solutions for future food and environmental security​

Maxim Kapralov​

Environmental Informatics, Climate and Climate Change​


James Linighan 

If a slope in Antarctica falls down does it matter? Quantifying landslide erosion rates, timing, and the transport of debris to the Southern Ocean ​

Matt Westoby ​

Earth System Processes, Environmental Informatics ​