The Nanoscale Science & Nanotechnology Group is a world-leading research group based in the School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials at Newcastle University UK - rated 5* in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise.

Nanoscale Science & Nanotechnology Research Group

Research activities in the group encompass a wide range of themes at the cutting-edge of nanoscale science and nanotechnology - principal interests lie in the synthesis and characterization of new nanoscale materials, such as nanodiamonds, silicon nanocrystals, gold nitride (AuN), silver nanoparticles, photon reactions on ice, ferromagnetism, biomimetics, nanotoxicology, biominerialzation, optics and carbon capture.

Our work is multidisciplinary and highly collaborative, drawing on expertise from across physics, chemistry, medicine, and materials science, harnessing a variety of techniques such as: photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), atomic force spectroscopy (AFM) and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). We have strong links with other leading laboratories and synchrotron radiation facilities throughout the world.

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We have a number of research projects available for PhD students.

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