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Synchrotron radiation sources and laboratories

Advanced Light Source, San  Francisco Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The Advanced Photon Souce Argonne National Laboratory STFC Daresbury Laboratory Synchrotron Radiation Source, Daresbury Berliner Elektronenspeicherring - Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung MAX-lab, Lund University SuperSTEM, Daresbury The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility The National Centre for Electron Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis (NCESS) Durham Physics: Nanoscale Science & Technology Group Elettra Synchrotron Light Source

Nanoscale Science and Nanomaterials Groups


Chemical Nanoscience Group - School of Natural Sciences, Newcastle University

Materials Modelling Group - School of Natural Sciences, Newcastle University

Nano Materials and Electronics Group - School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Newcastle University

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Resources


NanoWerk - Nanotechnology and nanosciences portal