Sergio Abrignani

  • HUNTER WP4, Professor and Scientific Director

Quentin Anstee

  • Professor of Experimental Hepatology & Consultant Hepatologist

Vincenzo Barnaba

  • HUNTER WP3 and Professor

Tom Bird

  • HUNTER WP3 Co-Lead, Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow, and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist, University of Edinburgh and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Jeff Evans

  • HUNTER WP3, Director of Institute/Professor of Translational Cancer Research (Experimental Therapeutics)

Matthew Hoare

  • HUNTER WP3, Advanced Clinician Scientist

Stefan Hubscher

  • HUNTER WP4, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy Leith Professor and Professor of Hepatic Pathology Consultant Histopathologist

Salim Khakoo

  • HUNTER WP4 and Professor of Hepatology

Josep Llovet

  • HUNTER WP 2 Lead, Professor of Research-ICREA and Head of the Translational lab in Hepatic Oncology at IDIBAPS-Hospital ClĂ­nic of Barcelona

Mala Maini

  • HUNTER WP4 Co-Lead and Professor of Viral Immunology

Derek Manas

  • Professor and Consultant Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon

Derek Mann

  • WP 1 Co-Lead, and Professor of Hepatology

Marc Martinez-Llordella

  • HUNTER WP4 and Senior Lecturer

Tim Meyer

  • HUNTER WP4 Co-Lead, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine and Consultant in Medical Oncology

Gabriele Missale

  • HUNTER WP4 and Professor

Fiona Oakley

Helen Reeves

  • HUNTER Chief Investigator, WP1 Co-Lead, Professor of Liver Cancer & Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist

Alberto Sanchez Fueyo

  • HUNTER WP4 and Professor of Hepatology

Owen Sansom

  • HUNTER WP3 Co-Lead, Director of Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow.

Shishir Shetty

  • HUNTER WP4, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow Honorary Consultant Hepatologist

Dina Tiniakos

  • HUNTER WP1 and Senior Lecturer

Marcel Utz

  • HUNTER WP4 and Professor of Magnetic Resonance

Caroline Wilson