Audio Workshop Part A PDF 350Kb

Workshop on audio programming for games, covering the basics of Pulse Code Modulated audio data, and OpenAL playback.

Audio Workshop Part B PDF 228Kb

Extra game audio workshop materials, covering the triggering of global in-game audio, and the streaming of large audio files via multiple audio buffers.

Code Download ZIP 3,933Kb

Source code for the audio workshop. Drop the contents of this archive into your Graphics for Games solution folder, which will be updated to include an additional tutorial in the 'Extras' tab.


03/03/2012 - Fixed obscure WAV file loading bug when in release mode (Sound.cpp contains extra comments relating to this issue)

01/03/2012 - Download actually contains the Sound, SoundNode, OggSound, and SoundSystem classes this time...

Audio Files for Part A ZIP 4,111Kb

A selection of WAV files for use with the first day of the Audio workshop. To be placed in the new Sounds folder of your Graphics for Games module solution folder

Audio Files for Part B ZIP 2,762Kb

A selection of OGG files for use with day 2 of the audio workshop. To be placed in the newly created Sounds folder of the Graphics for Games module solution folder.

Workshop Slides ZIP 458Kb

Here's the slides from the lectures accompanying the audio workshop.