Game Engineering

The Game Lab at Newcastle University carries out research and provides education related to video game technology. It is the only group of its type within a Russell Group university in the United Kingdom.

The UK is a world leader in developing technology for the video-game market. In order to sustain this, developers are continuously innovating and pushing the technology into unknown territory. The complexity of software engineering and the novelty of development which are required to produce a modern video game are often under-estimated by the wider community. A high-end video game must render a graphically complex 3D world, iteratively solve physics equations, run multiple artificial intelligence agents, and resolve networked multiple-user issues, while remaining 100% stable for millions of users, all in real-time on a multi-core piece of hardware.

The aim of the Game Lab at Newcastle University is to work in collaboration with the UK games industry to continue to innovate within the fields related to video game development, and to provide the industry with talented Masters graduates able to rise to the significant challenge of developing video game software.

The group combines the experience of innovative researchers with established professionals from the games industry.

The M.Sc. in Computer Games Engineering provides an intensive teaching course in all aspects of creating software for video games.

The research group consists of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers working with industrial and academic partners.