2012 Team Projects

The challenge for the team project was to create a herding game. The games demonstrated in the videos on this page were created using C++ and OpenGL, with no middleware (and no artists), in seven weeks. Each team has a website with more information.

Power Slice Games

Shear Determination involves saving sheep from alien spiders with the help of a sword and a giant space laser. What could possibly go wrong?

Level Nine Games

King of the Pookahs involves magic spells, marauding monsters, waving grass and lots of Pookahs. Whatever they are.


In Robowrangler you must rescue some stranded robots, but don't let the two different types meet or there'll be bits of robot all over the place. Who knew a physics-based herding puzzler could be so much fun?


Chicken Run does what it says on the tin - there are chickens, and they run. It might be worth checking any trademark issues here.


This one challenges the player to influence the environment in order to rescue the herd from the attacking predators. Freeze a lake, or grow a forest, to thwart the wolves. Oh, and it's called "What the Flock?"