Module Information: Programming for Games

Module Summary This module provides students with not only an introduction to a language suitable for game development, but also a fast-track course to enable students to become competent developers.
Aims To equip students with an understanding of the main aspects of a programming language.
To ensure students can create their own programs and maintain such programs.

Intended Knowledge Outcomes - Manage memory
- Create and use data structures
- Use condition statements, loops and functions
- Utilise concurrency when appropriate
- Create programs that handle run-time errors
- Use appropriate techniques for debugging and analysing existing algorithms
- Design programs using a well known methodology

Intended Skill Outcomes - Be able to design and create programs
- Be able to identify appropriate techniques for analysing the efficiency of programs
- Be able to realise inappropriate usage of programming languages

Syllabus The syllabus covers: memory and pointers, data structures, loops and conditions, functions, concurrency, error handling, debugging, algorithm analysis, and methodology of program development.