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Reading in a LESLLA Context start date announced

Our next module will be Reading in a LESLLA context - open for registration from 15th January 2024, running for six weeks, active from Weds 24th January and open access until the end of March 2024. The module will include a number of live webinars in addition to the content available on our Moodle website.  To register please visit:


 Language and Literacy in their Social Contexts completed

This ran from January 18 to the end of March 2023.

The module is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated, we hope to see you again in future modules!


Working with LESLLA Learners 2022 completed

This is the introductory module in our suite of online modules and ran from May to July 2022.

The module is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated, we hope to see you again in future modules!


Reading Module 2020 completed

59 participants from the UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, Greece and Uruguay have just completed 'Reading in a LESLLA Context'. The module started in May and ran for an additional week for a workshop on producing a short book for pleasure reading.

We have received some excellent feedback about the module including:

"Gracias por todo, el curso me sirvió para organizar mis conocimientos sobre el tema y para aprender muchísimas cosas más."
C., teacher from Uruguay

"I have only been teaching ESOL for a few years so am finding the comments from more experienced teachers very helpful"
J. teacher from the UK


Teaching Adult Immigrants with Limited Formal Education: Theory, Research and Practice

Edited by: Joy Kreeft Peyton, Martha Young-Scholten, published by Multilingual Matters 30 Jun 2020.
216 pages - available as Paperback, Hardback, PDF and EPUB.   ISBN:  9781788926980

A book based on all six EU-Speak modules was published in June 2020:

This book aims to empower teachers working with adult migrants who have had little or no prior formal schooling, and give them the information and skills that they need to reach the highest possible levels of literacy in their new languages.

Read the reviews:  Pulished in Languages 2021:
Published in MinneTESOL Journal (2020) Vol. 36(Issue 2):

Table of Contents
Larry Condelli: Preface
Chapter 1. Martha Young-Scholten and Joy Kreeft Peyton: Introduction: Understanding Adults Learning to Read for the First Time in a New Language: Multiple Perspectives
Chapter 2. Minna Suni and Taina Tammelin-Laine: Language and Literacy in Social Context
Chapter 3. Marcin Sosinski: Reading from a Psycholinguistic Perspective
Chapter 4. Pia Holtappels, Kerstin Chlubek, Andreas Rohde, Kim Schick, and Johanna Schnuch: Vocabulary
Chapter 5. Martha Young-Scholten and Rola Naeb: Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax
Chapter 6. Belma Haznedar: Bilingualism and Multilingualism
Chapter 7. Nancy Faux and Susan Watson: Teaching and Tutoring Adult Learners with Limited Education and Literacy

Joy Kreeft Peyton is a Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, USA.
Martha Young-Scholten is Professor of Second Language Acquisition, Newcastle University, UK.

For more information:

Hear the Editors talk about the book in this short video:  Behind the Books: Teaching Adult Immigrants with Limited Formal Education