Modules & Workshops

EU-Speak offers six online Modules for teachers and tutors that make available this much-needed ongoing professional development. We also offer occasional Workshops with a specific focus.


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•    Bilingualism (and related Workshop: Heritage Languages)
•    Reading in a LESLLA Context
•    Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax
•    Vocabulary Acquisition (last ran from March to June 2021)
•    Working with LESLLA Learners (last ran from May-July 2022)
•    Language and Literacy in their social contexts (last ran from Jan-Mar 2023)

The modules are easy to access, international, and multilingual.  They are made available on a rolling basis using the Moodle online learning platform at

The goal is to equip practitioners who work with this adult migrant population with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful.