• EU-Speak is a project working to make a difference in the educational outcomes for immigrants with little or no education.
  • EU-Speak es un proyecto que trabajando para cambiar la situación en los resultados educativos de los inmigrantes que cuentan con poca o nula educación formal. 
  • EU-Speak on kahdeksanvuotinen hanke, jonka tavoitteena on parantaa vähän koulutettujen ja kouluttamattomien maahanmuuttajien oppimistuloksia.
  • Okul eğitimi almamış yetişkin yaştaki göçmenlerin eğitim düzeyini geliştirici uluslararası ücretsiz ve online bir öğretmen eğitimi programı.
  • EU-Speak ist ein Projeck mit dem Ziel, sechs Module zu entwickeln, die den Praktizierenden viele Möglichkeiten bieten sollten, ihr Wissen anhand einer breiten Spanne von relevanten Themen für die Arbeit mit den Lernern zu erweitern.


Everyone has the right to free, basic education (Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26). These immigrants are adults who are past the age of compulsory schooling. In some countries, the only classes are taught by volunteers. In many countries, educational policy ignores them. In most countries teachers are not trained to meet their specific and complex needs.

Decades of research worldwide show adults can reach high levels of oral proficiency and they can learn to read for the first time in a second language. EU-Speak believes that the key to unlocking their potential is evidence-based and enlightened teaching.

The project developed a suite of international ‘modules’ (courses) which present cutting-edge  research findings, innovative pedagogical approaches and creative techniques in six different on-line modules currently available in five languages – English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Turkish - representing a range of countries in which these immigrants resettle. The modules are a unique opportunity for those who work with beginning-level adult immigrants to exchange ideas with those in similar situations around the world. 


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Transnational Partner Meeting, Cologne, April 2017 



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