Our Research

Drug discovery is a collaborative multi-disciplinary team effort:

Target Biology: Our bioscientists work with clinical colleagues in the Cancer Research UK Newcastle Cancer Centre, fundamental and translational biologists from Newcastle University Centre for Cancer and the wider cancer community, to identify and validate targets in cells that drive cancers. Read more

Medicinal Chemistry: Our team develops new ways to find hit molecules that interact with a target and then develop these iteratively through synthetic strategies. Read more

Structural Sciences: We synthesise target proteins and utilise them in a wide range of biochemical and biophysical assays or X-ray crystallography. Read more

Computational Science: We use bioinformatic and computational chemistry approaches to examine target expression and contribute to our chemistry design strategies. Read more

Translational and Clinical: We draw upon Newcastle expertise in translational and clinical oncology which enables us to examine patient materials and design appropriate clinical studies. Read more