Cancer Research Horizons Newcastle University

  • Cancer Research Horizons is Cancer Research UK's powerful innovation engine, committed to driving therapeutic innovation in oncology. With a focus on accelerating the discovery and development of new therapeutics, Cancer Research Horizons brings together the best minds in therapeutic discovery to embrace bold thinking, brave decision making and commercial rigour.  
  • Cancer Research Horizons Newcastle University is one of Cancer Research Horizons' six drug discovery sites. Comprised of an integrated team of cancer biologists, pharmacologists, structural biologists and medicinal chemists, the site develops novel, differentiated, small molecule therapies for cancer patients.  
  • Assembling experience from industry and academia, we specialise in structural and biophysical fragment-based approaches for class-leading cancer drug discovery complemented by our strengths in synthetic chemistry.  
  • We also aim to develop innovative cutting-edge technologies that enable us to better validate targets, assess target ligandability and identify chemical hit matter.  
  • We work in close partnership with industry and have had a strategic Drug Discovery Alliance with Astex Pharmaceuticals (UK) since 2012.
  • Drug discovery projects at our Newcastle site have contributed to the discovery of two registered cancer medicines, rucaparib (Rubraca) and erdafitinib (Balversa), and two other drugs currently under evaluation in clinical trials, ASTX295 and AZD7648. 

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