VR Visualisation

D2K Members

Dr Becca WilsonDr Olly Butters, Dr Demetris Avraam, Prof Paul Burton


Following on from ALSPAC: Seeing is Believing, the research group holds interests in:

  • developing new immersive health data visualisations in VR
  • integrating VR data visualisation with DataSHIELD
  • investigating human-data interaction in immersive environments 


PhD Project in Behaviour Informatics: now open for applications

Supervisory Team: Dr Becca Wilson, Dr Sinead MullallyProf Paul Burton

PhD Project: Exploring individual differences in our understanding of visual data in virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a growing consumer technology with applications across entertainment, computer gaming, education and more recently data visualisation. Within the health and medical domain, VR is typically used as a simulation environment for education, training and for therapeutic/rehabilitative purposes. VR for visual analytics - and the display of complex, abstract and non-spatial information - has not been fully explored. The aim of this project is to investigate human behaviour, interaction and interpretation of visual information in the immersive, multidimensional and multi-sensory environment of VR. Two prototype VR data visualisation tools have been built that can serve as an initial environment to investigate human-data interaction and behaviours including (but not limited to) immersion, spatial navigation, processing of visual information, visual and spatial memory, dimensionality. Under this studentiship there will also be the opportunity to develop and test new VR health data visualisations that can engage and inform a broad cross section of society. 

This PhD will suit a candidate with prior experience in programming, and an interest in developing within gaming or immersive environments.

Information on how to apply is available, applications close 26th January 2020

If you have any enquiries regarding this specific PhD project, please email becca.wilson@newcastle.ac.uk