Year 4 (2021-22)

What's happening in Year 4?

Year 4 of our project activities focuses on further developing the sustainable impact of the Creative Spark project and fostering collaborative communities. During Year 2 and 3, we have been developing digital resources that can exist beyond the life of the project; some of our work in this penultimate year of the project focuses on refining and contextualising these to add value to educators, students and others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; and establish a fit-for-purpose legacy of the Creative Spark project. 

In Year 4 we will focus on curriculum and capacity development for educators/trainers/practitioners as well as students/graduates/young entrepreneurs; and have a number of specific activities to achieve this.  We hope to involve all of the UK and Azerbaijani institutions that are linked together by Creative Spark to help strengthen opportunities for collaboration and sustainable activities.

Last year, we trialled an online ‘virtual’ Createathon across countries and in Year 4, we hope to extend this further by inviting other institutions to take part; as well as (funding permitting) and ‘in person’ event, in Baku. By involving educators in the delivery and design of these events, they will develop knowledge and skills to utilise and share in practice. Young entrepreneurs will engage with industry and university professionals and develop a range of enterprise skills through engaging in Virtual Createathon, additionally extending their networks and gaining confidence and self-efficacy.